January 2006

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01/03/2006: "Polar Bear Swim"

January 1st 2006... what better way to ring in the New Year then run into a freezing cold polluted body of water? Nope, I can't think of anything better to do either. It was decided on Christmas when Kate said "I'll do it if you do it." So, after much deliberation, threats of backing out, questioned sanity and eventual acceptance, Joe, Thomas, Kate and I (along with about 500 others) participated in the 21st annual Oakville Polar Bear swim. The event is a fundraiser for World vision's Water for Kenya project and raised about $35,000.

There are a couple pictures of the event, but since they weren't on my camera I don't have them to put online yet. Here's one from the CTV site for now.
160_CFTO_water_060101 (5k image)

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