December 2005

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12/07/2005: "Masters mini meet"

Last Thursday (December 1st) the Sudbury Laurentian Masters Swim Club had a mini-meet and pot luck dinner in place of the usual Thursday night practice.

Since its early in the year, all the events were either 50 or 100m. I did 50m and 100m freestyle and two 20m free relays. Since it was in our normal practice time we only had the shallow end, and couldn do dives for the start. This means the times would be a bit slower, however only a second or two.

50m freestyle: 33.88
100m freestyle: 1:14.10
4x200m free relay #1: 2:49.44 (total, don't have my 50m split)
4x200m free relay #2: 2:25.40 (total, don't have my 50m split)

I don't have any pictures, but if I come across any I'll post them.

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