October 2005

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10/31/2005: "Happy Halloween"

jack (17k image)

In my second year at my house I've hit a new record... 57 kids (last year I had 50). Last year I got a couple pumpkin garbage bags full of leaves, this year I opted for a real one. I bought it a week ago, but left carving it to the last minute (boo to that), so I was in a bit of a rush tonight to carve it. I needed a little help, and employed the handy dandy jig saw. One might have been a little worried that the lack of ground fault might be a problem, seeing as I was cutting through moist pulpy stuff... well, I'm still alive, and the pumpkin turned out really nicely... and fast.

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on Tuesday, November 1st, Dani said

Nice. You could have used the jigsaw to the pumpkin trick as entertainment for the kids. I am sure it looked a little freaky

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