September 2005

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09/13/2005: "Guelph Lake 2 Triathlon"

Guess I should have updated this earlier... anyway, Labour day weekend I did my last triathlon of the season. It was the provincial championship (for olympic distance) at Guelph lake (1.5k swim, 39k bike, 10k run). I was able to give my new bike a try, even though I had only picked it two days before. It was a great race, and apparently all the fast guys showed up (not surprising since it was the provincials). There are more pictures on my camera (thanks to Kate), but I haven't uploaded them yet.

guelphbike (41k image)guelphfinish (44k image)

My splits were:
28:49 (1500m swim, 1:56/100m)
T1 0:54
1:07:15 (39km bike, 34.8 km/h)
T2 0:50
46:37 (10 km run, 4:40/km)

2:24:23, 9/15 men 25-29, 88/285 overall

Full results can be found here.

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