August 2005

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08/23/2005: "Algonquin Extreme 2005 edition"

trip_05_1 (19k image)
After a 1 year break, The Algonquin Extreme Canoe Trip (TAECT) made a come-back. For the first time in TAECT history no houldcrofts were present, however we were able to add some of the faces to the mix (Tim and Dianne). Things ended up turning out differently than scheduled, but it all added up for another great trip.

We paddled into North Tea Lake Friday morning, and shortly after getting to our camp site a nice thunder storm rolled in. The next morning was dull, but not raining, so Dave and I continued around the same loop that we did in 2003. Tim and Dianne would stay on North Tea Lake for the remainder of the trip, and meet up with us on Monday back at the parking lot.

Somebody must have gotten our weather order mixed up, because we didn't get what we had requested. Of the four days, only Sunday was sunny, but luckly we didn't get the flooding that happened in Toronto.

Far too many pictures can be found here

Dave's pictures will be added shortly.

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