August 2005

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08/08/2005: "Espanola Triathlon"

triespanola (15k image)
Another weekend, another race... or two. Saturday morning was race 1, at 7:00am in Espanola. This is perhaps one of the fastest sprint triathlons out there. The swim is in a lake at the top of this hill and the second transition area is at the bottom. So the bike is down a large hill then relatively flat. The 5k run is basically dead flat. Anyway, the race went pretty well for myself, however I was having stomach issues during the bike, and couldn't seem to warm up (it was stupid early after all). I improved my time by exactly 1 minute from last year for a time of 1:12:25 for an overall 7th place finish.

My approximate splits were:
750m swim 12:34 (1:41/100m)
20k bike (+T1&T2) 36:56 (32.5 km/hr)
5k run 22:55 (4:35/km)

Full results can be found here.

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