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07/04/2005: "North Bay Triathlon"

Sunday July 3rd, my second attempt at the North Bay Triathlon. Last year I had a bit of an accident on the bike that left me with this gravity tattoo. This year I set out with two goals... improve my time from last year, and keep all my skin intact.

At the end of the day I was mostly successful. Coming off my bike and transitioning to the run I managed to cut my big toe on my right foot. Not a big deal, but I guess it wouldn't be North Bay Tri without a little blood. I finished in 1:56:53, 15th overall, 3/6 in my age group. That was an improvement of almost 21 minutes (20:39) from last year, which had the same course.

My splits were:
16:32 (1000m swim + T1, 1:40/100m)
1:02:58 (32km bike + T2, 30.5km/h)
37:24 (8km run, 4:41/km)

Full results can be found here [sportstats.ca]

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on Monday, July 4th, Dani said

Congrats! Sounds like a mostly successful weekend

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