July 2005

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07/02/2005: "Firecracker 5k running race"

firecracker5k (30k image)

Yesterday (July 1st) was the annual Firecracker 5k running race in Lively. Last year it was my first running race ever, and I posted a time of 21:25. This year I set out to break the 20 minute mark, based on the theory that my triathlon training would inprove my running speed. Well, thankfully I was right, and all this crazy training I'm doing is paying off. I managed to pull off a time of 19:42. Boy did that hurt. And from what I hear, getting faster means it hurts more. Something to look forward to I suppose. Tomorrow (July 3rd) is the North Bay triathlon... hopefully I won't wipe out like I did last year.

Full results of the firecracker 5k can be found here [www.sudburyrocks.ca]

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