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06/06/2005: "Milton Triathlon"

Sunday June 5th was the first Triathlon of the season for me. A true test of the training I've been doing all winter and spring. Overall it was a great day, and I'm quite happy with my results. I placed 13th out of 37 in my age group (men 25-29), and 116th out of 460 overall. The 2004 Milton Triathlon was my first ever Triathlon, and one year later I feel like I've come a long way. I was about 11 minutes faster and up from 27/34 in my age group and 277/424 overall.

My splits were:
13:05 (750m swim) 1:45/100m
1:09 (transition 1)
53:38 (30 km bike) 33.6 km/hr
0:54 (transition 2)
36:38 (7.5 km run) 4:53 min/km
total time: 1:45:22

Full results are here.

milton2005 (72k image)

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on Tuesday, June 7th, Dani said

Congrats Pauly! Damn you are in good shape! :)

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