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05/14/2005: "New Fish tank"

Got myself a fish tank this morning. I've been thinking of getting one for a while, and when a guy at work mentioned that he was selling his at a garage sale so it seemed like a good time. I was able to get a 50 gallon tank with the pumps and a metal stand for a really good price. Its too big for me to move by myself, but once I get it inside I'll post more pictures. I still need to get some filter stuff, gravel, and of course... FISHIES!!! I'm thinking tetras and some other fresh water tropical fish. I'm open to recommendations...

fishtank (56k image)

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on Sunday, May 15th, Dani said

I know it sounds dumb, but guppies are really good fresh water fish. They last a long time, are easy to care for, and they come in lots of colours. I would recommend finding out from your local fish shop what their guarantee is on their fish - lots of them come home with what is called "Ick" (white spots that eventually spread to the rest of the fish in your tank and kill them). Quarentining your new fish in a separate tank is a good idea once you get your tank established.

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