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04/11/2005: "Swim results"

The final results from the 2005 Master's provincials swim meet have been released. Sudbury's results start on page 54, and mine are on page 55. I'm also in relay #4 (bottom of page 59/top of page 60), relay #9 and relay #13.

meetsummaryallteams.pdf (146k file)

All the relays I was the last swimmer and did 50m freestyle. My times for the weekend were:
1500m freestyle: 23:23.15
800m freestyle: 12:17.22
50m freestyle relay #1: 30.52 seconds
50m freestyle relay #2: n/t ~30 seconds
50m freestyle relay #3: 29.39 seconds

The 800m race was the last of the weekend, and as a result I wasn't able to swim as fast as I did in the 1500 (which was my first event of the weekend).

I'm really happy with the 50m results... the splits that we had recorded weren't quite as good. I didn't think that I had broken 30 seconds on the last one (we had timed 30.44), but I'm not going to argue with this.

Its still not clear which team was the overall winner for the meet. I'll post that once I hear...

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