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04/02/2005: "Mr. Fancy Pants"

Day 1 of the Ontario Provincial Master's swim competition... Sudbury showed up in force, and during the first two events (200 breast stroke, and 1500 freestyle) we did quite well.

As for myself, I was entered in the 1500 with an estimated time of 27min. I've never raced before, so this was an estimate from speeds I'm able to maintain in practice. Well, turns out I was able to borrow a pair of those super fast speedo suits from a guy on our team who used to be a varsity swimmer. Well, I was all set with the fancy pants, I had to do well now that I looked the part. Off the blocks I got some water in my goggles when I dived in, but decided to keep going. Throughout the race I felt good, but it wasn't until the end that I realized how fast I had gone... I had destroyed my estimate by finishing in 23:23:41. I beat my estimate by almost 4 minutes! I'm thrilled, but now the bar has been set, and I'll have to swim even faster to beat that.

Today I've got a 200m freestyle relay, and tomorrow I've got two more relays and an 800m individual freestyle.

More Pictures of the first day of competition can be found here: http://www.paulgraham.ca/gallery/2005_masters_swim

fancypants (41k image)

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on Saturday, April 2nd, Dani said

Nice pants....can we have a rear view?

Congrats on the race, that's awesome!

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