February 2005

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02/15/2005: "How not to get rid of a body"

Ok, lets say you committed a murder... how would you get rid of the body? An effective way could be to throw it into a lake... sounds reasonable... it'd be hard to find, destroy any evidence, and decompose fairly quickly. Well, Sudbury had its first homicide of the year, and apparently someone was using that logic when they dumped the body... only one problem... THE LAKE IS FROZEN! Surprisingly enough they body was found first thing in the morning, on the surface of the ice. Oh, and it was on Ramsey lake... in the middle of the city... about 5 minutes from my house.

Seeing as this is the first murder of the year, the local news is a little slow on the story. Only one of the local newspapers reported it on Monday... the story is here: http://www.northernlife.ca/localnewsarticle.asp?view=81362

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