February 2005

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02/10/2005: "G-mail invites!!!"

gmail (3k image)

I've got g-mail invites coming out the ying-yang... for those of you not aware, google has an e-mail service like hotmail, but you get a gig of space to use. The only way you can get an account is to get an invite from someone who already has one. Want your own @gmail.com address? drop me an e-mail at ptgraham@gmail.com and I'll send you one.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Saturday, February 26th, Nicholas said

hiya, could u send me a gmail invitation, that would be pretty cool :) :laugh: :D :) :cool: ;)

on Saturday, February 26th, blackdjuka@yahoo.com">Blacks said

hi man, could u send me a gmail invitation at
blackdjuka@yahoo.com plzzz that would be pretty cool :) btw. I'm Nicholas ^^

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