February 2005

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02/06/2005: "Superbowl Winner!!!"

Well, back in Milton we used to have a bit of a tradition for the Superbowl and Greycup... This year it was time to bring the tradition to Sudbury. We stopped off at Walmart today to pick up the traditional prizes of a big candle (for the winner) and a pack of twizzlers (for the loser).

I took the early lead by predicting the coin toss, and carried the lead all the way to the end, winning the covetted candle. Matt almost took over the lead by correctly predicting that the Patriots cheerleaders would make the first appearance. Caleb edged out Jairus for the twizzlers getting the tie breaker wrong.

The totals out of 34 possible:
Paul - 16 *winner of rain forest sented candle*
M-Dawg - 15
Aimee - 14
Sabrina - 12
Jairus - 11 (tie breaker correct)
Caleb - 11 (tie breaker wrong) *winner of 2 bags of licorice*

The traditional winner's photo:
superbowl_winners (52k image)

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